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Autumn seminars 2021

‘I Will Shake All Nations’: Theological Perspectives on Nationalism and Universalism

7 September 16.16-18.00 (CET)

Joint seminar with the “Christianity and Nationalism” project at Centrum för teologi och religionsvetenskap, Lunds Universitet.

Since the beginning of Christianity, Christian theology has struggled to articulate  the difference of the Christian message and practice in relationship to the universal visions of political communities. With the crisis of representation and the heightened tensions between apparently ‘particularist’ nationalism and ‘abstract’ cosmopolitanism, how can theology formulate anew a universalism that is neither irreducibly particularist nor without place, context, or identity? And how can such an approach shed light on contemporary debates about nationalism?

Ragnar Misje Bergem is a postdoctoral fellow in systematic theology at the MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society.

Mårten Björk is a postdoctoral researcher in systematic theology at CTR, Lund University.

Chaired by Jayne Svenungsson (Lund).


Lutheran Political Theology

The seminar will take place towards the end of the autumn term (date t.b.a.)

Speakers t.b.a.

Chaired by Jeppe Bach Nikolajsen (MF)

Previous seminars

Antropocen: Den ensamma människans tidsalder

The seminar took place on 11 May, 14:30-16:00 (CET). Petra Carlsson (Enskilda högskolan Stockholm) presented a paper on ecotheology and the antropocene. Simone Kotva (Det teologiske fakultet, Oslo) gave a short response.