Gudstjeneste i antropocen? Økoteologi og liturgikk

Article by Carl Petter Opsahl in Tidsskrift for Praktisk Teologi.

How does liturgy cope with climate change and ecological crisis? By engaging ecotheological writings of Sallie McFague, Larry L. Rasmussen and Elizabeth A. Johnson, the article explores possible ways of understanding relations between humans, nature and God. While they are not writing explicitly on liturgy, they develop thinking of liturgical implications, such as cosmology, sacramentalism and liturgical expression. These themes are further developed liturgically in dialogue with the liturgical theologian Gordon W. Lathrop. As the era of Anthropocene as suggested by Paul J. Crutzen is still “terra incognita,” the article acknowledges the difficulties of liturgical response to an ecological crisis of unknown proportions. Thus, it allows for liturgical efforts to be clumsy, hesitant and experimental