Christianity and Nationalism seminar series in Lund, spring 2021

Time: Tuesdays at 16.15-18.00 (unless otherwise indicated).

16 February: Sentimental Orthodoxy in Ukraine

Tornike Metreveli will present his forthcoming research project within the platform and talk about his recent book Orthodox Christianity and the Politics of Transition: Ukraine, Serbia and Georgia (Routledge, 2021).

Tornike Metreveli is a sociologist of religion focusing on Orthodox Christianity. Before joining Lund, he had research fellowships at the University of St. Gallen, Harvard, and London School of Economics.

23 March: Church and Nation: Historical Perspectives

This seminar will address the entangled relationship between nationalism, the churches and Christian theology in Europe from various historical perspectives (18th and 19th centuries). As a more recent example, it will also discuss how the Swedish primary school functioned as a ‘church’ for a modern national Christianity until the 1960s.

Urban Claesson is professor of Church history, Uppsala University, focusing on a wide range of topics such as Lutheran education and Lutheran identity, Pietism, National Churches in Nordic Nation-building and the use of history.

Erik Sidenvall is adjunct professor in Church history, Lund University, focusing on European Christianity during the modern era with an emphasis on social history, gender and micro history.

27 April: Religious Literacy and Education: Non-confessional Religious Education in Pluralistic Swedish Schools

This seminar focuses on the complexity of Swedish schools as arenas for implementing the dual task of embracing both traditional knowledge mandate and the democratic “citizenship” mandate, serving challenges to teachers when it comes to religious non-confessional education in the global classroom /pluralistic classroom.

Sinikka Neuhaus is Head of Teacher Education and Assistant Head of Department and Programmes Director at the CEP, Lund University.

Johanna Gustafsson Lundberg is Associate Professor (Docent) of Ethics at the CTR, Lund University.

18 May: Imbrications of Gender and Religion in Nordic Radical Right Populism

Ov Cristian Norocel will present a recent study on the ways in which issues of gender and religion are employed for ideological purposes in the discourses of radical right populist parties which have made significant inroads in parliamentary politics in these countries during the past decade. More specifically, the study departs from the complexity of Swedish and Finnish societies as paragons of social welfare and gender equality, whereby Lutheran Christianity underpins discreetly their largely secularized character.

Ov Cristian Norocel holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Helsinki and is currently Associate Senior Lecturer at Lund University’s Department of Gender Studies.

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