Religiøs erfaring eller erfaring ved hjelp av religion?

Article by Jan-Olav Henriksen in Teologisk tidsskrift.

Religiøs erfaring eller erfaring ved hjelp av religion? Refleksjoner med utgangspunkt i Schleiermacher og Hegel

Religious experience or Experiences with/by religion?
Reflections on Scheleiermacher and Hegel

The question of how to understand religious experience and its conditions are discussed via an analysis of basic elements in the positions of Schleiermacher and Hegel. Moving from an initial presentation of basic elements in abductive reasoning, it is argued that such reasoning is inherent in both Schleiermacher and Hegelʼs positions. From some supplementary perspectives in Ann Tavesʼs recent work on the topic, the argument moves to the conclusion that the abductive mode makes it problematic to argue for an understanding of religion sui generis, and suggests a way to nuance how to understand diverse experiences of religion.