Call for Papers: October Symposium – NSU ​Summer Session 2021

Solidarity and the Political

Feminist thinking and the needs of today

What are the political aspects concerning solidarity? Solidarity is one of the six principles of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. But what is solidarity and how does it foster or hinder cooperation between oneself and the other? The Oxford dictionary tells us that solidarity describes a state of physical and political organisation, as well as a feeling. 

British philosopher Timothy Morton works on solidarity and climate change. According to him, solidarity goes against the fundamental and traumatic fissure between reality and the real, and as such it proposes an ontological basis that goes against dominant Western philosophy. How to create a solidarity that does not violate the other? How can we think the openness of hospitality, without losing the identity of the one that invites? And how are we to invite the other, what kind of relationship do we presuppose in that invitation? How do we create the political in solidarity?

What does solidarity mean when teaching? Is solidarity possible in Hannah Arendt’s ‘political realm’? How does this relate to the black feminist movement, and the call for solidarity on ”mainstream” feminism: what is the critique and how is solidarity achieved? And with regard to nature and in bioethics: how does solidarity function in the discourse of climate change?

The symposium will take place online. There will be a two-day symposium, plus several satellite events, organised by our study circle. There will also be many more events and symposia organised during the whole month of October by the Nordic Summer University